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This website is one part on internet portal of online art galleries and logic entertaining games www.64g.ru.
Information of internet portal is open and gratuitous, and in particular this mathematical entertaining game with numbers can be free-of-charge. But each logic toy has cost, and consequently you should pay if consider playing variants of this mathematical game as interesting and applicable for entertaining pastime.
Also information about numerology or otherwise to tell esoteric values of numbers is open and free-of-charge. In particular data about esoteric values of Pythagorean numbers and analytical numerology on pages of this website are open and free-of-charge, but everyone logic game have cost if to consider that information is original and cannot be taken in other entertaining sources.
Mythological deity of mathematical games and numerology of numbers is Hermes who also is divine patron of financial trade and commerce, and consequently entertaining information of this website should be paid in order to prevent anger of gods.
Besides any illegal use of entertaining esoteric information of this website can have adverse consequences, because Hermes is mythological deity of mathematical games and numerology, but in essence he personifies larceny and assignment of another's knowledge. But original primary owner of esoteric information about numerology of numbers and mathematical entertaining games is Apollo who is rather powerful mythological god.
Namely Hermes is mythological messenger of gods or divine intermediary who gives information to people, also hi is deity of trade and financial commerce, and consequently entertaining games demand payment remuneration. But Hermes has taken knowledge from Apollo who is more powerful god, and consequently information on pages of this website about mathematical games and numerological numbers is free-of-charge. As Apollo does not require payment, but he negatively perceives larceny of another's knowledge, and consequently illegal use of entertaining information can have adverse consequences.
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Or make free-of-charge translations of any pages of this website into any foreign language, that rather compensates necessity of payment and will be of great value for me.


Also it is possible to compensate necessity of payment by one hyperlink directing on this website if on pages of your online entertaining sources there will be a place for information on mathematical logic games and numerology.
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mathematics of games and numerology of numbers

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Also I bring to your attention web address of my online blog where it is possible to discuss mathematics of entertaining games and logics of gods, or many other themes which can be connected with maths and numerology.
Blog is named as Glass Bead Game, that is conformable with fiction book of Hermann Hesse about fantastic players who play by means of entertaining beads which can be considered as allegorical symbols or mystical images of mathematical numbers.
However, themes interesting to discussion at the offered online blog can be different.

Read my blog of entertaining games.