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Open numbers on a chess board.
Numerical playing cards and numerology.
Mathematical conundrums and arithmetical puzzle.

arithmetical or mathematical puzzles on a chess board Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
Pages of this website represent intellectual board game with numbers, and in essence various versions of mathematical games in which new principle for arrangement of numerical playing cards on a playing board is realized.
Playing board supposes positional manipulation by numbers according to mathematical or arithmetic rules, but allows to carry out intellectual games, or entertaining conundrums and logical puzzles in which numerical playing cards exist on squares as draughtsman checkers or chess figures.
This mathematical game on numerical playing board holds the patent on invention: RU 2205049.
Any edition or manufacture of this mathematical gaming construction can be on the basis of licenses or author's contracts.
Numbers at edition or manufacturing can look like volumetric playing tiles or printed cards.
Set any questions about mathematical game and numerology. I shall be glad to answer.

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Yours faithfully, Sergey Leonidovich Panphilov.

Translation of this website into English language is realized by me.
But I am not sure in linguistic exactness of translation.
Inform me how to correct if any phrases or words are incorrect.


On pages of this website there are links of PDF files in which you can receive images for printing numerical playing cards and chess boards, also rules of intellectual mathematical games and entertaining arithmetical puzzles, or instructions of logical conundrums.
These are PDF files on Russian language, namely gaming rules and instructions of puzzles or conundrums are not written in English. But these PDF files have images for printing numerical playing cards and chess boards of my mathematical game which can be tried to play.
Besides here look address of my blog where it is possible to discuss themes about mathematical board games with numbers and numerology/
Also my blog has digital codes of banners with addresses which can be used as hyperlinks on this website.
I hope that this new mathematical game, also rules of arithmetic puzzles and conundrums will be interesting and entertaining!

big numerical playing cards small game with numbers mathematical inverse numbers rules and instructions of numerical puzzles

Big version of game includes one set of 100 playing cards with numbers from 0 to 99 and the 100-square chess board with numerical notations of verticals and horizontals from 0 to 9.
Small version of game includes two decks of playing cards with numbers from 0 to 33 in each deck, and also the gaming board which has 64 squares as in the classical chess.
Version of game with inverse numbers includes 72 playing cards in two decks in which numbers are organized by special mathematical rules, and also this gaming version includes the chess board with 72 squares.
Brief rules of games represent instructions for some variants of mathematical gaming or numerical conundrums and arithmetical puzzles which are possible by means of three versions which form complex set of the present intellectual playing construction.
Various versions of the present mathematical board game, also rules of diverse conundrums and puzzles can be applied for development of mental potential and logic thinking, or otherwise to tell resources of mind at children and schoolboys. Because playing cards with images of numbers allow to teach children to simple mathematical actions in gaming and entertaining manner. In particular big version of the present board game allow to study universal multiplication table or mathematical rules of numerical division, also it is possible to teach children and schoolboys to many other arithmetic principles of mathematics.

numerology of Pythagorean numbers predictive numerology psychology and analytical numerology

geo-numerology metamathematics- geo-numerology and meta-mathematics will be soon published.

Numerology is section of this website where nine pages represent concepts of Pythagorean numerological system which allows to realize esoteric values of numbers and mystical sense of mathematical puzzles or games.
Numbers of Pythagorean numerology compared with mythological images of Greek gods.
Besides this section of website represents ratio of numerological numbers with principles of astrology, also methods for calculations of numerical values of human names according to comparison of numerological numbers with letters of alphabet.
Numerology of Pythagorean numbers.
Primary potentialities and titans of Greek myths - Pythagorean numerology and mythology.
Numbers 6 and 4 - Supreme Olympic gods - numerology and myths of Ancient Greece.
Numbers 7 and 1 - numerology and Greek myths.
Numbers 8 and 2 - numerology and Greek gods.
Numbers 3 and 9 - numerology and Greek mythology.
Number 5 - central goddess of Greek mythology Athena - numerology and ancient myths.
Divine beings - essences of Greek mythology.
Elements of universe and numbers of Pythagorean numerology - magic square of Olympic pantheon.
Numerological calculations of numbers and names - numerology and letters of alphabet.
Magic predictive cards is the section which represents the special complete set of numerological predictive cards which are correlated to the special game board and which are adapted to realization of predictions. Predictive cards have special symbols "tritetragrams" which are correlated to nine numbers in numerology. Numerical notations of the special game board is constructed according to rules of the magic square which is formed by connection of numbers in solar and lunar cyclic calendars.
Images for printing of magic predictive cards, and also rules of predictions in English are submitted in PDF file.
Besides this section considers ancient Chinese system "Tai Xuan Yijing" from the view point of linear and nonlinear arrangements of numbers in the magic square, and also considers methods for calculations of time and spatial coordinates which can be applied in numerology.
Analytical numerology is section of this website where numbers of Pythagorean numerology and characteristics of mythological gods of Ancient Greece are considered from the view point of Jungian psychology, also socionics of Augustinavichjute and typological indicator of Myers-Briggs. Namely psychological types of human personality are compared with images of gods in Greek mythology within magic square of Pythagorean numerological numbers.
Psychology and analytical numerology.
Psychophysical orientations of personality and numbers - psychology and mythological gods.
Numerology of human personality - Greek mythology and mental functions.
Global categories and four world elements - analytical numerology of personality.
Analytical numerology and psychology - psychological types and gods.
Analytical magic square of human person - charts of psychological types.
Diagrams of intertype relations of psychological types - tables of transactions in numerology.
Transactions of mental functions of psychological types - diagrams of intertype relations.
Complex scheme of intertype relations - analytical numerology and socionics.
Magic squares of intertype relations - psychological types of mythological gods.

Geo-Numerology - will be soon published.
- will be soon published.

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