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Numerology and Greek myths.
Mythology and Pythagorean numbers.

Information of this website section about numerology of Pythagorean numbers and deities in myths of Ancient Greece is open and free-of-charge. But you should pay nine euros or equivalent sum by other currency if you consider information on mystical concepts of Pythagorean numerology and esoteric knowledge of Pythagoras as valuable.
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This section of website presents information about ratio of nine numbers of decimal system of mathematical notation and Pythagorean numerology with images of mythological gods of Ancient Greece.
First page gives information about esoteric concepts of Pythagorean numerology and philosophy of Ancient Greece, also about five primary potentialities of universe and parities of mythological titans with zodiac signs in space of astrological circle.
Second page describes Supreme Olympic gods who in the context of Pythagorean numerology correspond to numbers 6 and 4. Also second page describes parities of Supreme Olympic gods of Ancient Greece with fundamental world elements of ethereal space and physical reality of universe.
Third page describes psychological characteristics of gods which in the context of ancient Greek mythology correspond to Pythagorean numbers 1 and 7. Also third page describes ratios of numerological Pythagorean numbers and gods of Greek mythology with spatial proportions of geometrical polygons.
Fourth page describes Greek gods who correspond with numerological Pythagorean numbers 2 and 8. Namely mythological deities who in myths of Ancient Greece personify astronomical compositions according to which heavenly body of Moon is interconnected with celestial figures of Earth and Sun in space of solar system.
Fifth page describes mythological images of Greek gods who correspond to numerological numbers 3 and 9. Also fifth page describes mystical values of numbers 10 and 11 which in the context of Pythagorean numerology symbolize sacred marriage and unitary connections of divine essences.
Sixth page gives information on goddess Athena which in the context of ancient Greek myths corresponds to mystical value of Pythagorean number 5 and is equivalent of Sophia the Wisdom of God in the context of Christian Gnostic philosophy. Also sixth page describes primary adolescents of Chaos which caused occurrence of material substance of universe.
Seventh page describes children of Uranus and Gaia, namely chthonic essences and theriomorphic divine beings, also animalistic creatures which in the context of Ancient Greece mythology personify structure of human consciousness and original sources of alive organic matter in space of physical reality of universe.
Eighth page shows parities of mythological gods of Olympic pantheon of Ancient Greece with fundamental elements of universe and magic square of numerical signs of Pythagorean numerology. Also eighth page results information about children of Aphrodite Dione and Ares, namely about divine essences which are essential reasons of hysterical pathologies or can be preconditions for realization of celestial Eros.
Ninth page shows ratio of nine numbers of Pythagorean numerology with ancient Greek alphabetic system and letters of contemporary Russian alphabet. Also ninth page describes numerological calculations which allow to correlate numerical values of human names to psychological characteristics of mythological gods of Ancient Greece.

Characteristics of gods in this section of website are only small part of information which can be found in myths of Ancient Greece. But the listed characteristics allow to make some general notion about ratio of Greek gods with numerology of Pythagorean numbers.
Look detail information on deities of Greek mythology in books of philosophers and poets of Ancient Greece. Or use Encyclopedias of Myths and Mythological Dictionaries with brief data about Greek mythology. Also use books of contemporary researchers and authors who study and analyze myths of Ancient Greece.


Also look on pages of this website some information about mathematical games with numbers on chessboard, and about complete set of magic numerical cards which can be used for numerological divinations or otherwise to tell mantic operations. Also can be used for analyses of logic laws according to which Pythagorean numbers are connected with magic square or otherwise to tell mathematical matrix of Olympic hierarchy of mythological gods of Ancient Greece.

Or look on pages of this website some information about analytical numerology, namely about logic ratios according to which Pythagorean numbers and mythological gods of Olympic hierarchy of Ancient Greece are connected with mental functions of human consciousness and psychological types of people.