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The big version of mathematical game.

Open numbers on a chess board.
Mathematical games and puzzles.

At the end of this page there is the link on PDF file with images of numerical playing cards which are possible to download - to print - to play.


Proportional groups of numbers in this mathematical game:
1)  0 3 4 7 8 11 12 15 16 19 20 23 24 27 28 31 32 35 36 39 40 43 44 47 48 51 52 55 56 59 60 63 64 67 68 71 72 75 76 79 80 83 84 87 88 91 92 95 96 99
2)  1 2 5 6 9 10 13 14 17 18 21 22 25 26 29 30 33 34 37 38 41 42 45 46 49 50 53 54 57 58 61 62 65 66 69 70 73 74 77 78 81 82 85 86 89 90 93 94 97 98

Deck of numerical cards.
Numbers from 0 up to 99 and different colors of two proportional groups in structure of the complete set.
deck of playing numerical cards from 0 up to 99

Playing chess-board.
100 squares correspond to 100 playing cards with numbers from 0 up to 99 of the big gaming version.
game board have notations from 0 up to 9

Description of gaming construction.
Mathematical playing cards with numbers.

The big version of the present mathematical game contains one deck or complete set of 100 numerical playing cards with numbers from 0 up to 99. One number is put on each card, but in the direct and turned position that allows two players to read numerical signs directly at arrangements opposite each other on different sides of a chess game board.
The complete set of deck is distributed on two proportional groups with equal quantity of 50 numerical playing cards which have equal mathematical sums of numbers and proportional quantity of ciphers or digits which make tens and units, that provides equal odds of a prize for two players in the event that each play by cards of own proportional group.
Namely each proportional group has the sum of numbers 2475 and includes digits of 5 zeroes, 10 ones, 10 twos, 10 threes, 10 fours, 10 fives, 10 sixes, 10 sevens, 10 eights, 10 nines which make tens and units in numerical signs, that provides equal odds of a prize.
The list of numbers in two mathematical proportional groups is shown above on this page.
The belonging of numerical playing cards to proportional groups in structure of the deck is designated by two-color circles on face sheets that allows players to see distribution.
Also playing cards on face sheets have focusing arrows which can be focused on squares of a game board, that also allows to distinguish distribution in that case when players are on different parties of a chess board.
The playing chess board of this big version has 10 vertical and 10 horizontal rows that forms 100 squares. Verticals and horizontals have numerical notations from 0 up to 9. Squares have dark and light colors, as a chess-board or checker-board, that allows to see diagonal rows.
The construction design in big version of gaming allows to carry out various mathematical games and puzzles with application of various rules and instructions.
Namely players or gamers can consider numbers on playing cards as results of mathematical actions with notation signs of verticals and horizontals, and can spread them on squares of the game board according to digits of numerical notations. Or gamers can have numerical cards on chess board squares and move similarly to figures of chessmen or checkers, and make gaming interaction according to mathematical values and presence of identical ciphers in numbers.
Rules of games and puzzles look not very difficult as mathematical actions occurs with numbers of notations on verticals and horizontals of the game board and consequently it is not necessary to sum or multiply two-digit numbers. Or mathematical actions with numbers during gaming do not occur, but gamers or players compare values and presence of identical ciphers.
Rules and instructions of several games and puzzles look on the appropriate page of this website, or look PDF files where detailed rules and instructions are written in Russian. But also in PDF file there are images of numerical playing cards and chess boards which can be printed and tried to play.

This is file where game rules and instructions are written in Russian, but in this PDF file there are images for printing numerical playing cards which can be tried to play.

I hope that offered mathematical board game with numbers will be interesting!


Offered numerical playing cards of the big version of desktop mathematical game can be used at schools on math lessons, or in summer camps for rest of kids, and also in children's clubs or centers of brain development with programs to enhance cognitive skills, or learning of children by playing cards as methodical manuals for training to rules of arithmetic actions and mathematical calculations. As numbers from 0 up to 99 on a chess board allow to study the multiplication table and math divisions, and also allow to train skills of many other arithmetic actions with digits, that as a result allows the teacher to develop not only logic thinking and mathematical abilities of children, but also enables by means of intellectual games and numerical puzzles to train memory and creative mentality of pupils.